Access control systems

Why Access Control

Access control systems are perfect for locations where you have a need to limit access to certain parts of a building or specific rooms. Each resident / staff member or even visitor only needs one small token and they can be granted or denied access centrally by an administrator. If their access requirements change, they loose the token or leave without returning it, the access can easily be disabled or updated immediately. Traditionally this may have resulted in locks needing to be changed.

Unitron Systems & Development Ltd are a registered installer for Paxton, the industry leader in door access control systems.


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The System

Below is an overview of a typical access control installation. An electronic lock and proximity reader are installed on each door. The units are configured centrally through computer software but can run independently so you do not need a dedicated computer running permanently.

Different locks can be provided depending on whether you need the door to remain locked in the event of a failure or power cut (fail-safe), or if you require the door to open (fail-safe). A 'break glass' button can also be installed on any door to allow anyone to open the door in the event of an emergency.

Example System Layout


Net2 Software

The access control system is administered from the PC using the Net2 software.
Users can be added, reports created and much more.

Communications converter

This device connects directly to the PC containing the Net2 software and allows the computer to talk to the door controllers.

Door components

1 control unit is required for each door which is able to permit or deny access to users without communication to the PC. 1 or 2 readers can be fitted to each door. There are a wide range of readers including proximity, magstripe, keypads and biometric. Additionally any 'push to make' button can be used as an exit button for the secure side of the door.

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