VOIP Telephone Systems


Unitron can provide bespoke VOIP phone systems built on open technology that provide all the features of a top of the range phone system for a fraction of the price. Some of the benefits include:

  • No limits on the number of extensions or lines*
  • Advanced features such as interactive voice prompts and programmable dial plans
  • Much lower startup costs than traditional phone systems
  • Ability to use SIP lines with cheaper call costs than standard phone lines
  • Web based control panel to manage all aspects of the system


Asterisk               Grandstream


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The system consists of the core phone system which can either be a branded server or built to specificaiton depending on your requirements. The phone system software is then installed along with our proprietary managment and configuration interface.

This is then connected to your network** along with the desk phones. There are a wide range of phones available ranging from simple single line phones up to full featured phones capable of handling many simultaneous calls and multiple extension boards. We can also provide a range of DECT phones.


Grandstream Desk Phone Grandstream Cordless Phone
A typical desk phone Cordless DECT phone


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*The number of lines available depends on the type of phone lines used or the SIP provider limits.
The expected number of extensions should be discussed prior to installation so we can provide an appropriate system as larger offices may require more powerful hardware.

**We highly recommend installing a seperate network switch for your voice traffic for optimal performance.